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DIY Nursing / Breastfeeding Top 2

This is a really simple DIY nursing / breastfeeding top which combines an infinity scarf/ snood and a basic stretch jersey T-shirt..

In fact, you could even just use a scarf or snood you already have, but my aim here was to make one which looked colour-matched, more like a cowl-neck top i guess..

Here is what I started with…a plain black long sleeved jersey T-shirt (ideally in a stretch jersey fabric ), and some fabric with which to make the infinity scarf/ cowl neck out of….use any colour combination you like….

With the T-shirt, I simply tried it on, marked where I would need to cut down to for  ‘feeding access’ and then took it off and cut down from the neckline…as its jersey it won’t fray, trust me, and the slit should not be visible if the scarf covers it, although you can sew a hem in this if you prefer!

For the scarf..a good idea is to measure the dimensions of another infinity scarf if you have one, tried on over the T-Shirt, to make sure it covers well..otherwise my original material was 92cm x 50cm ……Although I think making it longer so it could wrap around twice could work well (I’m working on another version of this at the moment, update on the blog very soon!).


I then folded it in half length-ways, with right sides together, and sewed a seam. At this point you might like to zigzag stitch the seam allowance.

Then I turned it right-side out:


At this point its a good idea to try it with the T-shirt, and safety-pin the ends together to see if you need to shorten the infinity scarfs circumference (for optimum cover) …then adjust accordingly…

I then sewed the ends of the tube together, using the sewing machine, but hand finished the last couple of inches…

Note: A very good pictorial description for how to sew the ends of the tube together can be found on 



The infinity scarf /cowl neck should now be finished:

Infinity Scarf by

Then just simply pair with the T-shirt..the scarf should cover the feeding slit in the top, yet is easily pushed up/aside for nursing / breastfeeding…

This DIY breastfeeding top was so quick to make, and very could make 2 or 3 so easily, and then mix and match the scarfs…also, if its cold, you can double up the jersey T-shirts..

And here is the finished top 🙂


DIY Breastfeeding Cowl /Infinity Scarf Top










DIY Nursing / Breastfeeding Top by

DIY Nursing Breastfeeding Top

Personally, I love wearing casual long sleeved t-shirts, especially as the weather gets cooler..but they aren’t so convenient for nursing/ breastfeeding… here is how you can make your own DIY nursing / breastfeeding t-shirt  for a lot less than one you might find in the shops ) ….

First I needed a basic long sleeved t-shirt and a vest top in co-coordinating colours (or any colour combination you like I guess!).. I also added a pocket to my plain grey top (see my pocket  t-shirt post for how to put one of these on, I think they definitely make a top more interesting):


Although I bought two inexpensive new tops, you could also refashion vest and t-shirt tops you already have…

Next I tried on the long sleeved top, and marked (with a washable fabric marker) a line a couple of inches below my bust. I then added a cm for seam allowance.

Cutting off the bottom of the t-shirt, along my marked line, I then sewed a hem. As it was a stretch jersey fabric I used a ball point needle and a longer than usual stitch length for the hem (and as the jersey fabric doesn’t fray you don’t need to do a double fold hem, but I did sewing a small hem first, then folding again and repeating) and it worked out pretty well.

I also added my pocket at this point too…




The completed top half….


Now for the next part…I tried on the vest top, and marked, with a washable fabric marker again, how deep a slit down the front would need to be in order to give easy access for feeding…as long as it isn’t too low as the aim is that the slit doesn’t show underneath the upper top…


I then cut down this slit line, and sewed the edges back by the minimum amount possible (just a single hem for this one!)… It doesn’t look like a very deep slit, but as the material is stretch jersey it works perfectly….


….and that is it (really!).. So easy…and perfect for autumnal/cooler days and to give a change from shirts. Plus a heap cheaper than a special feeding top you might buy from a store…so more money for other clothes instead 🙂

DIY Nursing / Breastfeeding Top by

Update: Here is another version of my DIY breast feeding / nursing top that I have just made:

DIY Homemade Nursing Breastfeeding Top



nursing / breastfeeding vest top / tank refashion

DIY Nursing Vest Top Refashion

Vest Tops / tanks  are a wardrobe essential for me..they go under anything, and are particularly good for going under casual buttoned down shirts..and shirts make great nursing tops…so I thought I would DIY some nursing / breastfeeding vest-tops all ready to go, as all going well I will need a couple when bubba #3 arrives in a few weeks….

I looked at some ideas on pinterest, and quite liked this one from kokechic;  but I revised my version for a spaghetti strap vest top:

I used a similar refashion idea to my maternity vest top refashion post (but replacing the ties at the top with a button fastening instead.

I started with a basic vest top  (a lot cheaper than the nursing ones i had seen anywhere in the shops!) and some home-made bias binding tape (of width approx 0.8cm, but wider would work fine, or even better)…


Then I simply removed the straps (on this occasion leaving the original white binding on the vest top…

I then attached my bias tape over the top of the original binding, from the top of one armhole, right around the back of the vest top, to the top of the other arm hole:

Although the bias tape over-hang looks a little long in  the above photo, bear in bind that this will be folded over by approx 0.5cm and a button needs to be sewn onto it…

I then attached the new (bias tape) vest top straps to the back of the vest top, and then tried on the vest top in order to mark where I would need to place the button hole on the strap, in order to give the required strap length.

Finally all I had to do was make the button hole in each of the upper straps, and sew buttons on to the lower straps…  and tidy up the ends of each strap by folding over and sewing (in my case I did this by hand as was afraid my sewing machine would munch up the thin strap…!)

If you are not too sure about sewing button holes with your sewing machine yet..there are some great tutorials around, such as this one by …although it kinda depends which type of sewing machine you have, but with a little bit of practice it becomes really easy…how amazing are sewing machines?!

Nursing / breastfeeding vest top refashion

And that was all! My first refashioned nursing / breastfeeding vest top all ready to go!

Nursing / breastfeeding vest top refashion


Nursing / breastfeeding vest top refashion

Here is another nursing / breastfeeding vest-top I made in exactly the same way….


Nursing / breastfeeding vest top refashion

A very quick way of wearing a vest top /tank with a maternity bra that I have seen a few times was cutting the vest strap and looping it around the bra strap, such as this one at , but for outfits where my vest top /tank straps are visible I feel a bit conservative for this idea personally..but definitely a useful and quick idea I will be using for at least one vest top! 🙂


Nursing / breastfeeding vest top refashion

Maxi Dress to Maxi Skirt Refashion

Maxi Skirts are great in the summer, but have been liking the idea of having one in the winter too..thinking it would look good with a slim fitting sweater, or denim jacket (love my denim jacket) and a pair of boots..

So I picked up this maxi dress from a charity shop (its not a bad maxi dress, but I’m not one for dresses..and looking for winter wear), thinking the fabric and colour would be great for a winter maxi skirt..and for the remainder of the summer too, especially in the last month or two of pregnancy (comfy!)….

The original maxi skirt….

This is actually a pretty simple refashion…The lower hem stays in place, so I only had to deal with the waistline…

First i measured the length of the skirt required…this can be done by trying the dress on and marking with safety pins, or washable marker..or by measuring the length of a maxi skirt you already have…

You will then need to add enough length for the elastic casing: This will be the width of the elastic, multiplied by two, plus another 0.5-1 cm for the seam…


I then folded over the top of the skirt fabric to make the casing, folding the raw edge under to make it neat and tidy and stop any fraying, and pinned and sewed…leaving a gap wide enough to insert the elastic….


Finally, i measured out and cut the length of elastic required for my waistline…and using a safety pin attached to one end of the elastic I fed it through the elastic casing, being careful not to lose the other end (it helps to pin the other end to the opening when feeding the elastic through)…

I then joined the two elastic ends together securely, and sewed up the gap in the casing….and that was all! Winter or summer maxi skirt ready to wear!


Maxi Dress Skirt Refashion poppysews.comMaxi Dress Skirt Refashion

Maxi dress skirt refashion

DIY Maternity Refashion T-shirt

Easy DIY Maternity T-Shirt Refashion

This is a quick one! But I’m at that stage where Just buying a larger size T-shirt that will fit over my now-3rd-Trimester bump doesn’t look all that great as its kind of ‘tents’ over the bump …. Also, loved my blue floral pocket T so I was keen to have a maternity pocket T to wear while its hot weather…

So i bought another cheap, plain slouchy T-shirt that went over the bump well enough, although not so well fitting otherwise…



Then if you feel it needs fitting more in the arms and top half, take in the side seams, on a longish stitch, as required….in my case I was happy with this part of the T-shirt as it was…

So then I simply prepared my pocket and sewed it on as described in my Pocket T-shirt post

Finally I ruched the bottom 2/3 of the T-shirt by sewing just on the edge of the side seam, not on the seam allowance or seam, but as close as possible, on a fairly long stitch…


I then gathered the material by pulling on the top thread at each end, gathering the material to the required amount…I then pulled up the bottom thread and tied the top and bottom threads together to secure the ruching in place. It will now fit snugly over a baby bump (or look equally good for non-maternity wear)…


And thats it! How simple was that? 😊

Easy DIY Maternity T-Shirt Refashion

Easy DIY Maternity T-Shirt Refashion



Dress Refashion Part ii -Maternity Nursing Top

OK, so another maternity top…i’m growing out of my regular t-shirts pretty quickly now! And a maternity top from the shops is always sooo much more expensive than the non-maternity tops..and hey, I .only have  a few months to try out such ideas..

imageDress Refashion Maternity Top

For his refashion I also needed a vest top a couple of sizes bigger than my usual (pre-pregnancy) size, and the top half of the original dress  that I picked up from the charity shop (in my Dress Refashion Part i)…


I leveled off the bottom of the dress-shirt top, cutting of those side holes…so it was still long enough to be joined to the lower part of the top underneath the bust…and by trying it on (inside out)  I used safety pins and a pencil to mark how much i needed to take the sides in by to fit well…

image image

After sewing the sides of the top (and zig-zag stitiching the new seam), I cut the bottom half off the vest top, and gathered the top edge until it was the same width as the top (shirt) half…a great tutorial for gathering is from Make It & Love It..


By pinning and then flipping the bottom half up and over the top half (as described in Make It & Love It’s tutorial I linked above) , I then sewed the two pieces together (and zig-zag stitched the seam)…




The reverse side…

Then, taking the cut off material saved from the refashion part i (for poppy Jr’s skirt..) I made a sash….

image image

I kind of free-styled on this..with a bit of guess work, and I was lucky it seemed to turn out ok (it will do anyway ;))

Then I sewed the sash on to the side seams of the top, covering the join between the two materials…


As with my last maternity top.. I felt like it needed fitting more underneath my ‘bump’….so i ruched/gathered the bottom half of the white fabric, by sewing a long stitch just at the edge of the seam (not actually on the seam or seam allowance, as this didn’t seam to gather)…

and there we have it, all done, ready for the summer days (hope I’m not being too optimistic there..) !

Dress Refashion Maternity Top poppysews.comDress Refashion Maternity Top


DIY Maternity Top

Some of my regular T-shirts are starting to get a little short now, with my growing bump, and I happened to have a particularly tight navy pocket T (which I had ruined anyway by getting dark brown wood paint on ;)), so I thought I would try out making a maternity smock-style top.

It occurred to me after I had finished that this idea could be extended to make a dress (short or maxi..)..and would also be great for anyone whether pregnant or not…

The fun thing about this project is deciding which colour combo to go for…I actually think, in hind sight, that a stripy top and plain bottom part would have worked better…next time!

What I used for this top was:

  • A slim fitting T-shirt that fits well at the top;
  • A baggy, loose fitting vest top or T-shirt (that will go nicely over your bump if you have one)


1. First I put on the slim fitting top and marked (with pins, or pen on the reverse side) under the bust , where I wanted to join the other T-shirt on. Remember you will need to add up to a cm for seam allowance.

At the same time I tried to the other, baggy, top over the top, and worked out how long I wanted it to be, and marked where I would need to cut it to give the required length (again remembering you will need to add up to a cm for seam allowance).


2. Then I gathered the top of baggy top fabric until it was the same width as my top part. This tutorial from Make It & Love It  is good  if you are unsure how to gather fabric… its worth practicing on some old material if doing it for the first time…


3. When the two were the same width, I placed  them right sides together,  as described in Make It & Love Its tutorial ( I really should have taken a photo of this step as its so difficult to explain!) and sewed them together. I then zig-zag stitched the seam allowance to tidy it up…


4. I tried it on at this stage, and noticed it was too loose fitting where the top part joined the bottom part, and I was wanting it to fit snugly at this point, and then become more loose below this I decided to make a stretch band to bring it in and also add a bit of detail to the top..

To do this, I used some of the remaining bottom half of the navy T-shirt..I cut a band out of it which was twice the width I wanted my band to be (plus up to a cm for seam allowance). In my case my finished band was 3.5 cm so I cut a band of width of 8 cm.

I then cut along one of the seams to make just one long strip of fabric. I then folded it in half, right sides together (bringing the top edge down to the bottom edge) and sewed it into a long tube, then turned it right side out.


5. Then, wearing my new (but not quite finished) maternity top, I put the band around myself, fitting it to the required tightness … and pinned the two ends of the band together at this point. You can afford to make it reasonably snug, because as long as its a stretch fabric it will still stretch enough to enable you to take the top on and off easily…

6. After sewing the ends of the band together at this point (and cutting off the excess and zigzag stitching the seam allowance).. I placed it around my top, covering the join between the two parts of the top, and sewed the band on at each side seam (sewing along the original side seam of the top)….


7. Finally, I used the gathering technique (used in step 2 ) to gather up the lower half of the top to make it fit more snugly underneath my bump..I sewed a long stitch just outside the seam (I tried doing it inside the seam allowance but  i couldn’t get the thread to gather!)… If you are making a non-maternity top then I don’t think this stage wouldn’t be as necessary …….

DIY Refashion Maternity Top by

And there I had my new maternity top, with lots of room and length for a growing bump!

DIY Refashion Maternity Top by