DIY Breastfeeding / Nursing Top by

DIY Nursing / Breastfeeding Top 2

This is a really simple DIY nursing / breastfeeding top which combines an infinity scarf/ snood and a basic stretch jersey T-shirt..

In fact, you could even just use a scarf or snood you already have, but my aim here was to make one which looked colour-matched, more like a cowl-neck top i guess..

Here is what I started with…a plain black long sleeved jersey T-shirt (ideally in a stretch jersey fabric ), and some fabric with which to make the infinity scarf/ cowl neck out of….use any colour combination you like….

With the T-shirt, I simply tried it on, marked where I would need to cut down to for  ‘feeding access’ and then took it off and cut down from the neckline…as its jersey it won’t fray, trust me, and the slit should not be visible if the scarf covers it, although you can sew a hem in this if you prefer!

For the scarf..a good idea is to measure the dimensions of another infinity scarf if you have one, tried on over the T-Shirt, to make sure it covers well..otherwise my original material was 92cm x 50cm ……Although I think making it longer so it could wrap around twice could work well (I’m working on another version of this at the moment, update on the blog very soon!).


I then folded it in half length-ways, with right sides together, and sewed a seam. At this point you might like to zigzag stitch the seam allowance.

Then I turned it right-side out:


At this point its a good idea to try it with the T-shirt, and safety-pin the ends together to see if you need to shorten the infinity scarfs circumference (for optimum cover) …then adjust accordingly…

I then sewed the ends of the tube together, using the sewing machine, but hand finished the last couple of inches…

Note: A very good pictorial description for how to sew the ends of the tube together can be found on 



The infinity scarf /cowl neck should now be finished:

Infinity Scarf by

Then just simply pair with the T-shirt..the scarf should cover the feeding slit in the top, yet is easily pushed up/aside for nursing / breastfeeding…

This DIY breastfeeding top was so quick to make, and very could make 2 or 3 so easily, and then mix and match the scarfs…also, if its cold, you can double up the jersey T-shirts..

And here is the finished top 🙂


DIY Breastfeeding Cowl /Infinity Scarf Top










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