DIY Nursing / Breastfeeding Top by

DIY Nursing Breastfeeding Top

Personally, I love wearing casual long sleeved t-shirts, especially as the weather gets cooler..but they aren’t so convenient for nursing/ breastfeeding… here is how you can make your own DIY nursing / breastfeeding t-shirt  for a lot less than one you might find in the shops ) ….

First I needed a basic long sleeved t-shirt and a vest top in co-coordinating colours (or any colour combination you like I guess!).. I also added a pocket to my plain grey top (see my pocket  t-shirt post for how to put one of these on, I think they definitely make a top more interesting):


Although I bought two inexpensive new tops, you could also refashion vest and t-shirt tops you already have…

Next I tried on the long sleeved top, and marked (with a washable fabric marker) a line a couple of inches below my bust. I then added a cm for seam allowance.

Cutting off the bottom of the t-shirt, along my marked line, I then sewed a hem. As it was a stretch jersey fabric I used a ball point needle and a longer than usual stitch length for the hem (and as the jersey fabric doesn’t fray you don’t need to do a double fold hem, but I did sewing a small hem first, then folding again and repeating) and it worked out pretty well.

I also added my pocket at this point too…




The completed top half….


Now for the next part…I tried on the vest top, and marked, with a washable fabric marker again, how deep a slit down the front would need to be in order to give easy access for feeding…as long as it isn’t too low as the aim is that the slit doesn’t show underneath the upper top…


I then cut down this slit line, and sewed the edges back by the minimum amount possible (just a single hem for this one!)… It doesn’t look like a very deep slit, but as the material is stretch jersey it works perfectly….


….and that is it (really!).. So easy…and perfect for autumnal/cooler days and to give a change from shirts. Plus a heap cheaper than a special feeding top you might buy from a store…so more money for other clothes instead 🙂

DIY Nursing / Breastfeeding Top by

Update: Here is another version of my DIY breast feeding / nursing top that I have just made:

DIY Homemade Nursing Breastfeeding Top



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