nursing / breastfeeding vest top / tank refashion

DIY Nursing Vest Top Refashion

Vest Tops / tanks  are a wardrobe essential for me..they go under anything, and are particularly good for going under casual buttoned down shirts..and shirts make great nursing tops…so I thought I would DIY some nursing / breastfeeding vest-tops all ready to go, as all going well I will need a couple when bubba #3 arrives in a few weeks….

I looked at some ideas on pinterest, and quite liked this one from kokechic;  but I revised my version for a spaghetti strap vest top:

I used a similar refashion idea to my maternity vest top refashion post (but replacing the ties at the top with a button fastening instead.

I started with a basic vest top  (a lot cheaper than the nursing ones i had seen anywhere in the shops!) and some home-made bias binding tape (of width approx 0.8cm, but wider would work fine, or even better)…


Then I simply removed the straps (on this occasion leaving the original white binding on the vest top…

I then attached my bias tape over the top of the original binding, from the top of one armhole, right around the back of the vest top, to the top of the other arm hole:

Although the bias tape over-hang looks a little long in  the above photo, bear in bind that this will be folded over by approx 0.5cm and a button needs to be sewn onto it…

I then attached the new (bias tape) vest top straps to the back of the vest top, and then tried on the vest top in order to mark where I would need to place the button hole on the strap, in order to give the required strap length.

Finally all I had to do was make the button hole in each of the upper straps, and sew buttons on to the lower straps…  and tidy up the ends of each strap by folding over and sewing (in my case I did this by hand as was afraid my sewing machine would munch up the thin strap…!)

If you are not too sure about sewing button holes with your sewing machine yet..there are some great tutorials around, such as this one by …although it kinda depends which type of sewing machine you have, but with a little bit of practice it becomes really easy…how amazing are sewing machines?!

Nursing / breastfeeding vest top refashion

And that was all! My first refashioned nursing / breastfeeding vest top all ready to go!

Nursing / breastfeeding vest top refashion


Nursing / breastfeeding vest top refashion

Here is another nursing / breastfeeding vest-top I made in exactly the same way….


Nursing / breastfeeding vest top refashion

A very quick way of wearing a vest top /tank with a maternity bra that I have seen a few times was cutting the vest strap and looping it around the bra strap, such as this one at , but for outfits where my vest top /tank straps are visible I feel a bit conservative for this idea personally..but definitely a useful and quick idea I will be using for at least one vest top! 🙂


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