Baby leggings t-shirt upcycle

Baby Leggings T-Shirt Upcycle

How could i use up some jersey fabric cut-offs/scrap material? Baby leggings!  I have seen some great posts over the months for a t-shirt upcycle into baby trousers/joggers/leggings and was keen to give it a try…after all a baby can’t have too many leggings 😉

I also saw a great tutorial from sweet-verbena blog for making your own pattern from some existing I started with a pair of 0-3 months leggings that had been my daughters when she was a baby…. I still have a feeling that I’m expecting a baby boy (5 weeks to go and then I will find out!) but I figured a baby boy wouldn’t be too fussy if the pattern came from girls leggings if they were in a more gender neutral fabric 😉

So using a sheet of paper (i used poster paper from a roll) I folded the leggings in half along the center seam and drew around them…



These leggings didn’t have an outer side seam…so I just needed to add a seam allowance for the inside leg seams to my pattern, and also a seam allowance for the waist (which is the width of the elastic you plan to use plus the regular seam allowance…).

You may also need to add seam allowance for the bottom hem of the this case, as my fabric already had a  hem on one edge,  I was able to use this for the ankle hem of the leggings. However, for future use, I added this seam allowance on my paper pattern anyway!



I then folded the paper in half (along what would be the outside leg/left hand edge) and then cut the folded paper pattern along my seam allowance line (but not down the folded outside leg)….this was the pattern for each leg of the leggings:



The paper pattern for both legs…












Then I was ready to use my paper pattern to cut my fabric pieces:

My scrap jersey fabric...

My scrap jersey fabric…







I decided to make them a bit more interesting (and boyish) by adding some knee patches, so I cut these out of a contrasting scrap fabric (also jersey) and appliqued them on to the knees:


Now I was ready to start sewing the leggings together…

As it was a jersey fabric I used a ball-point needle and a slightly longer stitch than usual (number 9 on my brother sewing machine) and I got a smooth seam….also, as it is a jersey fabric it shouldn’t fray so that makes it easier with regards to not having to zigzag stitch the seam…

I started by sewing the inside leg (no higher) together on each piece (with fabrics right sides together)…



I then pinned the centers of each leg piece together (right sides together, trousers inside-out) , and carefully started sewing the seam…



Sewing the center seam on the back of the leggings…




Nearly there! All I had to do next was sew the elastic waist band..

I made it neat by first sewing under the raw edge of the fabric, before folding over again and sewing the elastic casing. I ensured I left a gap to insert the elastic when I had finished.

I then inserted the elastic using a safety pin attached to both ends of the elastic, sewed the elastic ends together, and finally sewed the gap in the casing closed…

(Note: Fold-over elastic is great for baby it is nice and soft.  Also a good guide for elastic waist sizes for 6 months to 5 years guide is


…and ta-da…the finished baby leggings from an upcycled t-shirt! Hope baby will like them 😉

Baby Leggings T-shirt Upcycle

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