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Maxi Dress to Maxi Skirt Refashion

Maxi Skirts are great in the summer, but have been liking the idea of having one in the winter too..thinking it would look good with a slim fitting sweater, or denim jacket (love my denim jacket) and a pair of boots..

So I picked up this maxi dress from a charity shop (its not a bad maxi dress, but I’m not one for dresses..and looking for winter wear), thinking the fabric and colour would be great for a winter maxi skirt..and for the remainder of the summer too, especially in the last month or two of pregnancy (comfy!)….

The original maxi skirt….

This is actually a pretty simple refashion…The lower hem stays in place, so I only had to deal with the waistline…

First i measured the length of the skirt required…this can be done by trying the dress on and marking with safety pins, or washable marker..or by measuring the length of a maxi skirt you already have…

You will then need to add enough length for the elastic casing: This will be the width of the elastic, multiplied by two, plus another 0.5-1 cm for the seam…


I then folded over the top of the skirt fabric to make the casing, folding the raw edge under to make it neat and tidy and stop any fraying, and pinned and sewed…leaving a gap wide enough to insert the elastic….


Finally, i measured out and cut the length of elastic required for my waistline…and using a safety pin attached to one end of the elastic I fed it through the elastic casing, being careful not to lose the other end (it helps to pin the other end to the opening when feeding the elastic through)…

I then joined the two elastic ends together securely, and sewed up the gap in the casing….and that was all! Winter or summer maxi skirt ready to wear!


Maxi Dress Skirt Refashion poppysews.comMaxi Dress Skirt Refashion

Maxi dress skirt refashion

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