Vest Top Maternity Refashion

Summer sales everywhere, happy days! I found a £1 vest top in a sale, in a very large size so far too wide across the chest and back although not so much on my growing bump 😉 ….I liked the colour, I needed some more pink clothes…and so I thought ‘maybe i can do something with this…”

So I decided i do a maternity refashion with it, and start by making it (even more) summery by adding some floral bias tape straps to it…

I started by cutting the original strap off the arm hole and front, and then cutting in to the neckline by a few cm each side (making it narrower at the chest) …

I then made some bias tape out of some floral fabric (a good tutorial for making your own is found at stop staring and start sewing , and for attaching bias tape at , and I attached it to the armhole, over the raw edge, and by enough length each side to bring up the bias tape and tie into a knot or bow. (start with plenty, up to a metre each side, then you can decrease if necessary…)

At this point, as I kind of went blindly in to the project, I realised the back had not been dealt with, in that it was still way too wide at the back (I know, I know..)..what i should have done was taken it in at the side seams before attaching the bias tape…

So anyway..I did the following instead..I cut out a large triangle from the back of the top, and prepared a much smaller triangle of my floral fabric to put in its place, thus taking in the back by enough to make it fit better….


At least it makes the back more colourful 😉 if a little imperfect….

And the finished maternity refashion vest top was ready just in time for the start of the first summer heatwave.. 😎

Vest Top Maternity Refashion

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