DIY Maternity Refashion T-shirt

Easy DIY Maternity T-Shirt Refashion

This is a quick one! But I’m at that stage where Just buying a larger size T-shirt that will fit over my now-3rd-Trimester bump doesn’t look all that great as its kind of ‘tents’ over the bump …. Also, loved my blue floral pocket T so I was keen to have a maternity pocket T to wear while its hot weather…

So i bought another cheap, plain slouchy T-shirt that went over the bump well enough, although not so well fitting otherwise…



Then if you feel it needs fitting more in the arms and top half, take in the side seams, on a longish stitch, as required….in my case I was happy with this part of the T-shirt as it was…

So then I simply prepared my pocket and sewed it on as described in my Pocket T-shirt post

Finally I ruched the bottom 2/3 of the T-shirt by sewing just on the edge of the side seam, not on the seam allowance or seam, but as close as possible, on a fairly long stitch…


I then gathered the material by pulling on the top thread at each end, gathering the material to the required amount…I then pulled up the bottom thread and tied the top and bottom threads together to secure the ruching in place. It will now fit snugly over a baby bump (or look equally good for non-maternity wear)…


And thats it! How simple was that? 😊

Easy DIY Maternity T-Shirt Refashion

Easy DIY Maternity T-Shirt Refashion



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