Dress Refashion Part ii -Maternity Nursing Top

OK, so another maternity top…i’m growing out of my regular t-shirts pretty quickly now! And a maternity top from the shops is always sooo much more expensive than the non-maternity tops..and hey, I .only have  a few months to try out such ideas..

imageDress Refashion Maternity Top Poppysews.com

For his refashion I also needed a vest top a couple of sizes bigger than my usual (pre-pregnancy) size, and the top half of the original dress  that I picked up from the charity shop (in my Dress Refashion Part i)…


I leveled off the bottom of the dress-shirt top, cutting of those side holes…so it was still long enough to be joined to the lower part of the top underneath the bust…and by trying it on (inside out)  I used safety pins and a pencil to mark how much i needed to take the sides in by to fit well…

image image

After sewing the sides of the top (and zig-zag stitiching the new seam), I cut the bottom half off the vest top, and gathered the top edge until it was the same width as the top (shirt) half…a great tutorial for gathering is from Make It & Love It..


By pinning and then flipping the bottom half up and over the top half (as described in Make It & Love It’s tutorial I linked above) , I then sewed the two pieces together (and zig-zag stitched the seam)…




The reverse side…

Then, taking the cut off material saved from the refashion part i (for poppy Jr’s skirt..) I made a sash….

image image

I kind of free-styled on this..with a bit of guess work, and I was lucky it seemed to turn out ok (it will do anyway ;))

Then I sewed the sash on to the side seams of the top, covering the join between the two materials…


As with my last maternity top.. I felt like it needed fitting more underneath my ‘bump’….so i ruched/gathered the bottom half of the white fabric, by sewing a long stitch just at the edge of the seam (not actually on the seam or seam allowance, as this didn’t seam to gather)…

and there we have it, all done, ready for the summer days (hope I’m not being too optimistic there..) !

Dress Refashion Maternity Top poppysews.comDress Refashion Maternity Top poppysews.com


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