Dress Refashion Part i – Girls Skirt

I found this dress in the charity shop..apart from the fact I’m not really a dress-wearer myself, this one was a good couple of sizes too big anyway… but I loved the fabric pattern and saw the potential for a project with two outcomes: A skirt for my little girl and another DIY maternity top for myself 🙂


First, for the skirt, this was the easier bit…

I simply cut the top part off the dress, leaving the waist band attached nicely to the skirt  and I measured it on “Poppy Jr” and used a safety pin to mark how much the waist needed taking in by, and measured the (new, shorter) length of skirt required (which i then cut to length, retaining the bottom part of the skirt for use in part ii of the project)….


I then sewed a new side seam, using my safety pin marking point and a pencil line…and zigzagged stitched the seam allowance and cut off the excess fabric…


I then sewed a hem onto the bottom of the skirt (by folding up twice and then stitching):


My little one tried it on, but it was very slightly too big on the waist and was falling too low, so needed some elastic in the waist…This was fairly easy : all I had to do was use my seam ripper to make two small slits at the back of the inside waist band..just before the side-seam, and insert some elastic (an inch or so shorter than the length between the two slits)…

image image

…and then I sewed the elastic  at each end (into each side seam)…all done! Poppy Jr was pretty happy with it too..only 4 years old but already she can’t have too many clothes 😉



I have just started to refashion the top half of the dress into a maternity top for myself…will keep you posted on how it goes! 🙂


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