Baby Boy Applique Bodysuits

I have been looking forward to trying some applique on some baby bodysuits..and as a friend has just had a baby boy I thought now was a great time to try it out!

As much as I like boats and cars and the colour blue..I do find it a bit boring that pretty much all baby boy clothes in the shops consist of just these…what about the colour yellow or green? what about cute little animals? Seems to me baby girls clothes seem to have a lot more variety?!

So I decided to use some applique designs that were a little more unisex (although I still ended up using mostly blue..but to be fair I had got hold of a pack of patchwork squares which I was planning to use, and the best patterns were mostly blue, honestly!).

The internet is full of great applique designs you can use as templates..the elephant and bird seem to be more common, although I got the cute deer design from Molly and Mama, along with a useful tutorial for How to Applique.

All I needed for this project was:

  • A 3-pack of plain body suits in the required size;
  • Fabric for the Appliques;
  • Applique design templates;
  • Heat fusible webbing (paper backed)..or any hemming web if the design is not too complicated!
  • Applique anti-rub backing fabric;
  • A sewing machine with a colour co-ordinated choice of thread.

1. First I got my paper applique design templates (always worth keeping for the next time!) and used them to draw the design on to the fusible webbing (shiny paper side).

2. Next I dry ironed the fusible web template on to the wrong side of my chosen applique fabric, and cut around the pencil outline ..I then peeled off the backing paper and I had my applique fabric pattern ready to go…

3. I then ironed (under a damp tea towel/cloth) the fabric applique pattern on to the front of the bodysuit, and repeated with the other two templates.


4. I then zig-zag stitched around the edge of each design (this always takes way longer than i expect it to, as I keep missing the edge in some places and have to go back over that bit ;)).

5. Finally, I ironed on some applique anti-rub backing fabric to the back of each design:

And here are the finished baby bodysuits..ready for the next baby boy to arrive!.. 😉


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