Baby Bib

Making a baby bib is a great way to use up some scrap fabric / off-cuts (recognise the fabric from my baby shirt dress and the pocket T-shirts projects?).  I have been meaning to make one for ages, and they make great presents for new babies, you can never have too many! 🙂

Homemade Baby Bib from

To start you will need the following:

  • Some toweling fabric or other backing fabric e.g muslin (wash cloths will do and are very cheap to buy)
  • Material off-cuts that can be used in combination for the front of the bib, and also some for the applique.
  • Bias binding (not too narrow as it gets tricky to apply to the edges for this project!)
  • Velcro or a snap-fastener
  1. First step is to draw a template for the bib on some paper. For this I used an old baby bib to get the size right.image
  2. Next I sewed together the two pieces of front fabric (right sides together for the sewing…)
  3. Then I used the stencil to draw the bib outline on both the front fabric and backing fabric, which I then cut out.
  4. At this stage you will need to apply your applique pattern to the front fabric (if you need a tutorial on applique try this one from Molly and Mama.image
  5. Now baste the front and back fabric together (using a long stitch). image
  6. Now you can start to apply your bias binding. I used a home-made bias binding that was a little too narrow, as it got difficult in places to fix it on neatly (hopefully you can’t see those imperfections in the finished bib photo! :)). I like this tutorial from smashedpeasandcarrots for applying bias binding if you need one for this stage.

7. I did the end of the neck piece as shown in the photo’s below., cutting 2 or three scores in the bias tape to help curve it around, and folding in the edges both sides, and pinning (I was winging it tbh, there was probably a much better way of doing, if you know what it is please let me know for next time!)

8. Nearly finished…now all you need to is attach you snap fastener or velcro, and there you have a pretty (and very absorbent!) home made baby bib 🙂

Homemade Baby Bib from

Note; I know, I know, there is a not-so-nice join in the bias binding part way around…I ran out and had to use another piece (another lesson learnt :))


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