Baby Shirt Dress

Got a shirt that has worn out on the cuffs or sleeves but otherwise fine? (no? My other half always seems to! Although in this case it happened to be a second hand shirt I picked up once but never looked right on me)..anyway they make the perfect base for a beautiful shirt dress:

Homemade Baby Dress (Shirt Refashion) from

And the best bit about it is the buttons and buttonholes are already done for you…as is the bottom hem (nice :))

Its fun because you can personalise it so much- with different bias binding (this was the first time i started doing bias binding and I love it!), and different applique designs….

I first got the idea from  alldaychic, although as you can see from my finished dress, I changed it a fair b

1. First you need to know what size you’re aiming for..(in my case it was for a 0-3 month        old), then you can use a guide such as  this one at to work out roughly        what   width, length and neck size to do, or this guide for armhole depth from    polkadotchair.

2. I then roughed out a pattern on some paper, and when i was happy with it, i used it to            cut out the actual dress (front and back piece) from the shirt.

3. Next sew together the tops of the dress as shown (following with a zigzag stitch on the        seam to stop if fraying)….

4. Then you will need to attach bias binding to the neck line (with the buttons open).          great tutorial for attaching bias binding is from smashedpeasandcarrots   (If you want to make your  own, which is great for getting a pretty patterned binding, I found loads of tutorials on you-tube and pinterest.


5. Next attach the bias binding to the arm holes (using the link above as a guide as to the  arm hole depth,if needed). Make the bias binding go a tiny bit over the edge of this depth (then you  can sew it in in neatly to the seam).



6. When the arm hole bias binding is all complete, sew down the sides of the dress, leaving a 0.5 cm or so seam allowance, and zig-zag stitch the seam:



Note: I replaced the original chunky men’s shirt buttons with cute little pink ones….

7. Nearly finished! Now for the applique on the front. First i cut out an applique heart  design on to some paper, and checked it was the right size by placing it on the front of the  dress..I  then decided three of them in a row at the bottom of the dress would look best in  this case.

8. Then I  cut out the applique patterns from the fabric using my  paper outline, pinned  them into the correct positions on the dress, and used hemming web (seems to be loads of  different names for this stuff! but its amazing…) to fix them in place.

9. Finally, i carefully zigzagged stitched all the way around each heart, and I had my            completed baby dress!

Homemade Baby Dress (Shirt Refashion) from

I can’t wait to try another design for one of these dress patterns, all I need is another cast-off shirt! 🙂 (Worth keeping an eye out in the second hand stores for shirts that could be used for this project).  I’m already thinking a cute pale yellow or white dress with ducks applique on the front…will keep you posted in a future post!




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